آموزشگاه مجازی تکنودانش(اجوکاتک)


This 120 Hour TESOL contains a module on teaching English to young learners. This additional knowledge will not only be invaluable to you when you begin teaching, it also means you’ll be able to demonstrate specific skills that are in high demand by TEFL employers. We’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd!

INTESOL Worldwide has been training TESOL teachers for 22 years and is well known and respected in the TEFL industry. This means your TESOL certification will be instantly recognised internationally as being of excellent quality.

The 120 Hour TESOL course is externally accredited, meaning the content and teaching methods have been scrutinised externally to meet industry standards. This means you can be sure you’ll participate in a fruitful learning experience.

Your tutor will be an experienced teacher holding a Diploma in TESOL as a minimum qualification (many have a Masters in TESOL). They will offer you all the support and feedback you need to succeed to the best of your ability.

TESOL Course Structure

The course consists of four units (a total of ten modules).  Each module has a lesson that you will study at your own pace and an assignment that you will submit for grading by your tutor.  When your assignment has been graded you will receive a notification by email and be able to view your grade, plus any guidance and feedback, in your grade book.  The grade book allows you to easily monitor your progress as you work through the lessons and complete the course.  If you happen to fail a module, don’t worry, you will be given the opportunity to re-submit your assignment after a little extra coaching.

There are no final examinations.  As soon as your last assignment has been graded you will be able to view your final grade in the grade book.  Your final grade is calculated by taking the average of your ten grades for the ten modules.  This will be the grade shown on your Certificate in TESOL.