Our Courses

Our Courses

We Teach Persian Language for 4 different types of students
Persian for ADULTS
An especial plan  for Adults who want to learn Persian Language (Persian For Adults)
Persian TTC
If you want to be a Persian Language teacher who teaches Persian to non-Persian students, this plan is for you ( Persian Teacher Training Course)
Persian for KIDS
If you have a kid and you want him/her learn Persian Language, this plan is what you are looking for (Persian for Kids)
Students who want to apply for Iranian Universities but they do not want to pay the expensive tuition of Universities’ Persian Courses.(SAMFA Plan)

Our Services

Becoming a student of Educatech means that you have access to the following:
Online Support
Support 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Special Advice
Careers advice. If you want to apply for a job, you can count on our special advice
Be a Persian Teacher
You can be a PERSIAN teacher in our community if you are qualified. That makes a good job as well.
Native Teachers
All teachers are native, that gives you chance to know everything from real Persian language
Online Library
Our online library is available 24/7. You can find whatever you need to learn more
Personal Tutor
Reference from personal tutor on completion of the course
Online Placement Test
Our Online Placement test shows what level you need to study. That is the first step in your Persian education
Online Resources
You do not need to buy hard copy of your text book and materials. Everything is available online
Students' Community and Forum
You can find lots of friends in our community to ask your questions and to make communications
Watch the video of the class
After the class time, you are able to watch the video of the class to review the lessons.

Type of Classes

You can choose the type of class which best suits you to learn better

PRIVATE classes

If you are a type of person who learn in private classes batter, this would be the best for you

PUBLIC Classes

Learning in groups gives us the chance to learn more and to have friends.

Public TTC Class

In public TTC classes, you will be introduced to people whom they want to be a PERSIAN teachers as well


We show you the way you can apply for Iranian universities