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Educatech Persian Academy for ADULTS

  • Our goal is to help you Learn Persian Language fluently and confidently.
  • “We have figured out what works in Persian language learning and, more important, what doesn’t”
  • Simply the Best Way to Learn Persian!
  • Whether you are looking for online Persian courses, a professional online Persian instructor and tutor, or online Persian lessons – Educatech has the tools and knowledge to help you get things done right!

Educatech Persian Academy for KIDS

  • Learning Farsi for the Persian kids who stay overseas is essential. Our Online Persian Academy is a Farsi language learning center to teach Persian. We use professional teachers, game-based teaching methods, story-based learning contents, multimedia instruction and mobile learning approach to increase students’ motivation and learning effectiveness.
  • All courses are ONLINE. You can see the teacher in our online teaching platform and take the lessons. you can ask questions, pair with other students for peer activities and share your language